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Stephanie received a BS in Biology from Creighton University and an MBA in Finance from Regis University. She began her career working for South Dakota’s Senator Pressler in Washington DC. After that, she managed a private placement investment partnership, of which she was 1/9th owner. During this time, she discovered that she had an operatic voice. She studied in Italy, recorded an album and wrote and performed an operatic production around that album.

In 2006, Stephanie started her own real estate firm, VIP Properties, with the intention of raising the level of ethics and professionalism in her industry. She focused primarily on the luxury real estate market. In 2016, Stephanie sold VIP Properties after successfully growing it to a large and reputable company in Rapid City, SD.

After selling VIP Properties, Stephanie formed PRIVEÉ with the intent to offer private commercial real estate transaction services as well as to focus on investments and projects that she believes will create a brighter and better future for her children and our world as a whole.

Stephanie is married to Michael D’Urso, an Interventional Cardiologist, and has 6 beautiful children. She has a value system deeply rooted in ethics, the Golden Rule, and a passion for making a difference in this world.